Frequently Asked Questions

our frequently asked questions

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  • What happens with cancelling and rescheduling in less than 24 hours of the appointment time range?

    We have a strict policy for cancellations in less than 24 hours of the service appointment time frame. Our team is like our family and works incredibly hard to ensure each client is taken care of. This requires carefully planning the days ahead and unfortunately last minute cancellations or last minute rescheduling causes a big, negative, ripple effect throughout their current day and days ahead. In an effort to keep ALL customers happy, you will be charged a small fee for last minute cancellations/rescheduling:

    Cancellations that are done in less than 24 hours of the service appointment time range will result in an the full amount being charged, or a $200 fee – whichever is less. (This covers our employee’s loss of living wages)

    Rescheduling appointments in less than 24 hours of the service appointment time range will result in an automatic $100 cancelation fee charge (This covers our employee’s loss of living wages)

  • What time will my cleaning team arrive? Does 9-12pm mean 9am arrival time?

    We work off of 3-hour estimated time of arrival windows so that we can structure our day effectively. This allows us to get to the next client all while navigating Austin traffic and many other variables that take a toll on our time throughout the day (for example: eating and breaks!).

    If you book an arrival window for say, 9-12pm, then our team will notify you of their exact show-up time. The team aims for an earlier arrival time, but due to traffic congestion and the increasing density of Austin, we have had to flex to a 3-hour arrival time window.

    Expect to receive an arrival time between your scheduled window. For example, you may get a text for an arrival of 9:15am, 9:26am, 10:20am, etc. Sometime in between that 9-12pm.

    This applies to all arrival windows (9-12pm, 12-3pm, etc.)

    Please feel free to reach out to us directly should you encounter any concerns – [email protected]

  • What's included in a Standard clean?

    We try to pack as much value as possible in our cleanings; we love our customers and want to make sure everyone feels taken care of! Our normal, standard cleaning includes the outside of all appliances (refrigerator, microwave, and oven), dusting and wiping of all surfaces – such as tables, countertops, desks, dressers etc. and the wiping down of main door handles and doors, if dirty. We also vacuum and mop (if applicable) all floors in the home (not including the basement).

    We may organize clothes that are left out, blankets and towels. If required we will also vacuum upholstery. Cleaning faucets, sinks, and dirty dishes is also a part of our normal cleaning service (we provide our own natural dish soap).

    We pay great attention to the bathrooms and bedrooms of each home – as both places are heavily used – it’s important they are completely clean for you! We’re so good you’ll want us back the next day (…it can be arranged)!

  • What's the difference between a normal/standard cleaning and a deep clean?

    Our normal/standard cleaning includes everything that was mentioned above. Our deep cleaning is added in addition to the standard cleaning as an Extra (added at checkout). The deep cleaning includes baseboards, window beams if necessary (we can only reach maximum heights of 8ft), air vents, deep scrubbing of bathroom(s), and all doors and door knobs. Finally, we also wipe down chairs. The interior of appliances is NOT included in our deep clean.

    A deep clean will typically add approx. 2 hours of cleaning time.

    We pride ourselves on our work so either with a standard or an addition of a deep cleaning we know you’ll be fully satisfied! Give us a try – you may like us and decide to keep us around for a bit (everything would always be clean).

  • Do you provide deep/stain carpet-cleaning services?

    We respect the personal property of every client and do not wish to damage your valuable carpets with an array of chemicals and equipment. Currently, we do not provide deep carpet cleaning, such as stain removal, patching, fiber replacement, etc.

    As part of our standard cleaning service, we always do a standard carpet cleaning – This includes vacuuming carpets and removing debris, if applicable.

  • Will you clean our baseboards?

    Yes! We include the baseboards in our deep cleaning service. This is an Extra added on to normal cleanings. Click the ‘Deep Cleaning’ button at the booking section!

    Our cleaners will utilize soft microfiber towels on all of your baseboards. This part of the home often neglected, but often the dirtiest – oof! We’ll keep them clean and sparkling.

  • How long will your team take to clean my home?

    The most asked question out there! It’s no surprise! But, unfortunately there’s no set time limit. We like to take our time and pride ourselves on the quality of our work – so while we would be able to give you a baseline average number, we don’t want to be held to that.

    We want the work to speak for itself. Depending on the size of the home and the amount of work required to clean, it will vary greatly. If you find us still scrubbing baseboards at 10pm, don’t hesitate to ask us to leave.

  • What's not included?

    The moving of heavy appliances.
    Mold removal.
    Areas that require the use of a ladder.
    Chandeliers, such as fragile crystal, glass, etc. (Although we are insured, we don’t want to inconvenience you!)

  • Is One Step Clean insured?

    Great question! Yes we are! We’re going to be keeping this answer nice and simple!

  • But how experienced are your cleaners, really?

    All of our cleaners have at least 1-year experience in residential cleaning at a minimum and are well trained in-house on our proprietary cleaning methods. Their pay is based on the Austin living wage, and then some. We treat them like family – They are highly compensated and driven with a purpose.

  • Does your clean team undergo background checks?

    We do background checks on every single employee – that consists of a national and statewide criminal record check and a driver’s license check.

  • What if we're not satisfied with your service?

    We have an AMAZING redo policy! If you are not completely satisfied – we’ll come back and redo any missed spots/areas completely free of charge, whenever you want!

  • Do you utilize environmentally-friendly products?

    We pride ourselves on using environmentally-friendly products and practices.

    If you have particular products you would like to use just leave them in the comments section and we will accommodate you. If you would like to have us switch products for the next scheduled cleaning just email us! We’re keeping it simple here.

  • Do you take any special requests?

    Yes we do! Whatever your needs are, don’t hesitate to reach out directly to us and we’ll see what we can do – we strive to use our resources and accommodate everyone and all jobs.

  • Does One Step Clean offer any other discounts?

    Yes! We have Bi-Weekly, Monthly, and Weekly cleaning frequency discounts!

    Always check your email and our website for the latest coupon discounts

    Oh, we have a Facebook page as well –

  • What does a Recurring Service mean?

    Great question! By booking a discounted Recurring Service, you are committing to 3 cleanings in exchange for the deep discounts (20%+) that come with Weekly, Biweekly, and Monthly cleanings.

  • Can I book a Biweekly/Monthly/Weekly cleaning just for the discount but get a onetime cleaning using the frequency discount and cancel the service?

    No, those discounts are strictly for frequency cleanings – Bi-Weekly, Monthly, or Weekly – if you cancel after the 1st service, the difference from the discount you received will be applied (you will be charged) towards your initial balance and it will be treated as a One-time cleaning.

    You may cancel or switch after 3 cleanings. We don’t want anyone to take advantage of the deals we offer to our loyal customers!